About Us
2011-2-14 11:40:00

        Shenyang healthcare medical co.,ltd. was established in the 2000. Our company is the one of the oldest manufacturer of medical rigid endoscopes in China. After more than 10 years unremitting efforts, rigid  endoscopes and instruments, specially the operation otoscopes , are widely being used in clinical diagnosis and minimally invasive operation. Shenyang heatthcare has products in urology, gynecology, ENT, anus-enterology, orthopaedics, laparosurgery and the domain of Industrial production in OEM way .  It's our principle in business "highest quality, best price". We are actively doing cooperation with many friends throughout the world. We have contributed to the furtherance of dissemination and development of minimally invasion operation.

       Our company has complete professional technical teams in the fields of optics, mechanics,
electrics equipment, quality management, standardization and so on. We can do optics system and full sets of products and the design of electric equipment production. We use best optics material, optical fiber, metal and other material in the rigid endoscopes and accessories.
       Our company can design and produce various kinds of special size telescopes , industry and animal telescopes  according to the needs of the customers.